Top Reasons to Work at OLS

Why come work for Open Legal Services? Here are some of our top reasons:

  • The Mission: Be a part of the Revolution that Open Legal Services is leading in providing affordable legal services to people who may have no other option. Hiring a lawyer should not be something only the rich and famous can afford.
  • Debt forgiveness: After 10 years of working for nonprofits or government agencies you can have the remainder of your student debt eliminated by the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. For example, if you have $100,000 in student debt and make only interest payments based on your income, you would get at least $100,000 forgiven at the end of 10 years. That’s $10,000 per year, and if you factor in an income tax rate of 15%, it comes to $11,764. Thus if you work for a for-profit firm you would have to earn at least $11,764 more per year just to have the same amount of money
  • Low billable requirement: Our attorneys have a billing goal of only 26 hours per week, or 1300 hours per year. This is much lower than traditional firms which typically require 1700-2300 hours per year.
  • Work life balance: Because of our low billable requirement, most of our attorneys can work normal business hours and have evenings and weekends free for their family. 
  • Option to work more to earn more: We realize our starting salaries are on the lower end, so our attorneys have the option to bill beyond their requirement and get paid for those hours at a higher rate. 
  • Team environment: Similar to how an attending physician supervises a team of doctors, residents, and nurses caring for a patient in the hospital, all of our staff attorneys are supervised on every case by a supervising attorney. We also assign two attorneys to our cases. Thus if the primary attorney has a scheduling conflict, the secondary attorney is already in place to take over. This has the added benefit that our attorneys can check each other’s work and share their training and experience.
  • Down to earth work environment: We are a nonprofit that provides quality representation at an affordable price. We are not a high powered law firm trying to impress top executives, so if you don’t have court you don’t have to wear a suit. Our attorneys usually have one hanging on the back of their office door just in case, though.