Private Guardian Ad Litem (PGAL)

In high conflict divorce and custody cases involving children, the court will often appoint an attorney to represent the interests of the children. The children’s attorney is referred to by the Latin title “guardian ad litem” (often abbreviated as GAL), which means “guardian for the case.”

Private guardians are appointed by the court when one party or the other earns too much money to qualify for a free guardian. Typically, the court will order the parties to pay the private guardian’s retainer of about $1,000 out of pocket, and most private guardians bill at the maximum statutory rate of $150 per hour.

Open Legal Services offers private guardian ad litem services on a sliding scale between $65 and $145 per hour. Our guardians can make the typical $1,000 retainer go further because of our lower, income-based rates. If you are an attorney interested in having Open Legal Services serve as private guardian ad litem on one of your cases, call us for additional information.