Child Custody

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Child Custody Cases

Any time you have a child in common with somebody, conflicts will arise. You might have a difference of opinion on how best to discipline your child, where your child should go to school, or who provides daycare. Unfortunately, these conflicts can be difficult to resolve without resorting to the law. Whether you have already established custody through a divorce, or this is your first time trying to get custody, the process can be very complicated.

  • What do you file?
  • What is the difference between legal custody and physical custody?
  • How does custody affect child support?
  • Do you have to make your child go with mom/dad?
  • What does a “right of first refusal” mean?
  • Does your ex really have “final say” over all decisions?
  • Under what circumstances can you change custody?
  • Are you seeking sole custody?
  • How do you modify child custody?
  • How can you increase/decrease parent time from a final order?
  • Custody evaluations are really expensive. Are they really necessary?

When you come in to meet with one of our family law attorneys, we will discuss your case with you and put together a Case Plan showing you what we recommend in order to get the outcome you are looking for. Each case is reviewed by multiple attorneys, and each Case Plan is approved by supervising attorneys in each area of law. All this is to ensure your case is treated with the attention it deserves. 

Once your Case Plan is in place, our experienced attorneys will work hard to get you the best result possible, both in court and out.