Consulting Services

Thinking about starting a nonprofit law firm? We offer consulting services
Because part of our mission is to help other similar organizations, we got our board to approve a consulting fee so that Dan and Shantelle can give you their undivided attention (and to prevent us from missing our weekly billing goals and going out of business). The rate is either $145 for an hour or $500 for 5 hours. We are not experts and don’t have all the answers, but we are happy to share what we have learned and what works for us.

“The hour of consulting I had with you about my non-profit was the most helpful conversation I have ever had.”
– Marguerite L. from Pennsylvania

“This is the type of innovation that is going to drive our profession forward”
Mark Britton, Founder and CEO of Avvo, Inc. speaking about Open Legal Services at the S.J. Quinney College of Law Commencement 2017

People from the states in blue have contacted us about replicating our model. If you are from one of these states, we might be able to put you in touch with them.

People from the states in green are from out of state and have either interned with us or hired us to help them replicate our model in their state.

We also maintain a directory of nonprofit law firms all over the United States. Here is a map of which states have them and are included in our directory so far.

Note: We love using technology to automate our processes. For example, these maps are automatically updated when new people contact us. How neat is that!

Presentations and Speaking Opportunities

Dan and Shantelle offer presentations and witty reparte on the following topics

  • Access to justice
  • Innovations in legal services
  • Working with modest means clients
  • Technology and profit
  • Nonprofit law firms
  • Sliding scale fees
  • Low overhead firms
  • Starting your own firm
  • Challenges for new lawyers
  • Bad lawyer jokes



  • Utah Minority Bar Association – Law Firm of the Year
    2015 November 19
  • American Bar Association – Legal Rebels for 2015
    2015 September 1 – The ABA named Shantelle and Dan among the legal rebels of the year

Presentations and Interviews