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Open Legal Services in the News

The Jan/Feb 2018 issue of the San Diego Lawyer featured an article about Open Legal Services titled “Technology & Social Entrepreneurship: How one firm uses 501(c)(3) status to serve the underserved middle class

The ABA Journal 2017 Gifts for Lawyers guide featured our Field Guide to Lawyers

The Lawyerist Gift Guide 2017 featured our humorous Field Guide to Lawyers
2017 November 27

The State of Legal Design: the big takeaways of the Stanford Law + Design Summit mentioned Shantelle and her presentation
2017 September 25

“Filling the gap: Salt Lake City’s Open Legal Services caters to those who aren’t indigent but still can’t afford the high-priced spread” in The Enterprise: Utah’s Business Journal
2017 July 24

Shantelle and Open Legal Services got a shout out on Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog
2017 June 30

The Digital Edge on Legal Talk Network – Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway discuss low bono legal services with Shantelle Argyle
2017 June 12

Utah Business (page 104) – Shantelle participated in a legal industry outlook roundtable discussion
2017 June

Mark Britton, Founder and CEO of Avvo, Inc. Speaking at the S.J. Quinney College of Law Commencement
“This is the type of innovation that is going to drive our profession forward”
2017 May 13

Legal Talk Network Podcast – Catching up with Legal Rebels Shantelle Argyle and Daniel Spencer of Open Legal Services
2017 April 6

Legal Talk Network Podcast – ABA TECHSHOW 2017: Don’t Be Afraid of Unbundled Legal Services
2017 March 17

ABA Journal: Can nonprofit firms bridge the access-to-justice gap?
2017 January 1 – “A burgeoning group of legal entrepreneurs is hoping to tap into the nationwide demand for low bono work. Nonprofit law firms have been popping up, and they provide benefits to clients as well as founders.”

Legal Innovator of the Week: Shantelle Argyle
2016 December 6 – Margaret Hagen, Director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford, interviewed Shantelle Argyle.

The Florida Bar news
2016 November 15 – This article describes Shantelle’s presentation about our business model to a Florida State Bar meeting to discuss creating an incubator program

Nonprofit Law Firms Benefit Disenchanted Attorneys, ‘In-Between’ Clients
2016 September 7 – This article is a good overview of the current state of the nonprofit law firm movement.

Legal Talk Network Podcast – Starting a Nonprofit Law Firm
2016 May 31

Law Day 2016
2016 May 1 – “The Affordable Attorneys for All Task Force is also encouraging nonprofit law firms to provide a similar role in providing affordable services and applauds the efforts of Open Legal Services… These law firms and their innovative and dedicated attorneys are bringing meaningful, market-based reforms to the way in which legal services are delivered in Utah.”

Utah Progressives TV Show Roundtable with Jim Dabakis
2016 April 29

Utah Business: Legal Professionals Discuss Cost Predictability, Billing
2016 April 6 – “According to Shantelle Argyle, executive director at Open Legal Services, bills should be based on prior experience of how long different cases have generally taken in the past.”

FindLaw: 10 Resources for Starting Your Own Nonprofit Firm
2016 February 25

Above the Law: Were We Wrong About This Law Firm? Probably, Yeah.
2015 December 3 – “Open Legal Services hit on something with a model that can bring practitioners young and old to bear solving the legal problems no one else was willing or able to address.”

The Art of Lawyering Podcast 069
Starting a nonprofit law firm with Shantelle Argyle

LegalFront: September 21, 2015
The newsletter for the Legal Access Division of the State Bar of Texas, September 29, 2015

Meet our 2015 Legal Rebels
Cover story in the September 1, 2015 issue of the ABA Journal

Podcast #31: Shantelle Argyle’s Non-Profit Law Firm
2015 August 25 in Podcast #31 of the Lawyerist

Open Legal Services — The Nonprofit Law Firm Model Everyone Is Talking About by AnnMichelle G. Hart
January/February 2015 issue of American Bar Association’s journal The Affiliate

Open Legal Services
by Tsutomu Johnson
Fall 2014 issue of Bar & Bench (page 6), Published by the Salt Lake County Bar Association

Start a Nonprofit Law Firm
August 19, 2014, By Carolyn Elefant

Innovative legal service helps those ‘dancing along the poverty line’
August 16, 2014, on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Deseret News

College of Law Alumni Argyle and Spencer Featured in the Atlantic
August 8, 2014, on the University of Utah S.J. Quinney School of Law Website

Open Legal Services is “leveling a playing field that has been notoriously uneven for years, serving a constituency—the modest-means middle class—that often feels itself forgotten between attempts to cater to the rich and aid the poor.“
The Utah Lawyers Who Are Making Legal Services Affordable
August 7, 2014 in The Atlantic by Michael Zuckerman