Open Legal Services is leading a revolution in the legal industry. We bridge the justice gap by providing affordable legal services to low and moderate income people. We also mentor others to fulfill this need, start careers for new attorneys, and work to spread the revolution across the country.


What our clients are saying about us

Open Legal Services pretty much saved my daughters life and in doing that made mine 100% better when they gained custody of my daughter for me… we are working on her second year together and loving every minute of it thank you so much Dan and the whole team at Open Legal Services.
– Dan R., Tooele, Utah

From the beginning, I was afraid of the prospect I was faced with concerning my situation with the courts. Even before coming to Open Legal, I knew my situation was extreme in terms of who the opposing person was, my (now) ex wife, and how she treated me and what she was capable of. 

From the moment I received counsel with you guys, you assured me, not of a good outcome, but of a good experience despite any outcome that may result. And you were right.
Having not experienced anything with the courts, I was scared, but those fears quickly subsided because of, not only you as my attorney, but your approach of how you were going to treat me as your client. Professional, understanding, and informative are only three of a myriad of positive words I can express. While my experience was still difficult, it was eased by your organization and what you do for those of us less fortunate to be able to hire a high cost attorney. Now knowing what I know, your dedication and care in my personal situation as well as your understanding puts you head and shoulders above any law firm, high cost or not, that I could have wanted. I’m glad I chose your office and will forever be grateful for your help.
– Gabriel M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Open Legal Services accomplished what I needed done and at very reasonable rates (based on income). My attorney responded to my questions in a timely manner and made sure everything was done fairly, and properly according to my situation. I would recommend them to anyone..
– Julie A.

Open Legal Services is a life saver!! I was in desperate need of legal help for my son’s custody battle. I was working the case on my own because we just simply could not afford regular attorney rates or the retainer to hire one, and we made too much money to be able to qualify for any pro bono help. Shantelle swooped in and saved the day! She’s an amazing attorney who is in it to actually help people and not just to make a ton of money. She also treats her clients with enormous respect.
– S.P., Lehi, Utah

Oh where would I be without Dan’s help; he is an amazing lawyer and person! Thank you Open Legal Services for all your ongoing help. My family and I will forever be grateful!!
– N.M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Shantelle did an awesome job. We were able to get our daughter back. We would recommend Open Legal to anyone.
– J.W., Layton, Utah