Thank you to Ben Coltrin and Custody Xchange

By A. Daniel Spencer

For the last few months, we have been trying out a program called Custody Xchange, written by local Utah software developer Ben Coltrin. Mr. Coltrin was generous enough to donate a license of his software to Open Legal Services in order to assist us with designing calendars for parent time. Custody Xchange has been useful for generating the sometimes complex calendars that we get when parent time, holdiays, and extended parent time or vacations get thrown into the mix. 

The software is free to try out, but you need to pay for a license if you want to be able to use it to generate printable calendars, or export schedules to Google Calendars or iCal. Frankly, any tools that can be used to reduce the likelihood of the inevitable client phone call about another holiday parent time exchange getting messed up because of the notoriously convoluted language of our Utah holiday statute are a benefit in my book.

Thank you Mr. Coltrin for your support of the access to justice movement!


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