Help Open Legal Services expand by lending us as little as $5 through Kiva Zip!

Open Legal Services has been approved to raise a $5000, 0% interest loan through Kiva Zip. is the world’s largest microlending platform, and Kiva Zip is a crowd-sourced lending program that allows people to lend as little as $5 to a start-up business or organization of their choice.

Once we get enough people to fully fund our $5000 loan we will use the funds to pay off our startup debt and help fund our expansion. Our startup debt is currently on an American Express card with a high interest rate, so this interest free loan will eliminate our current interest expenses.

Due to our rapid expansion we currently have to share desks and computers, which only works if we are not all in the office at the same time. This loan will allow us to purchase more computers for our increasing number of attorneys and other staff, as well as office furniture to give them their own work space. Click the link below to help fund our loan and join our revolution in affordable legal services.


PS Kiva Zip will match all loans that people make to us on July 10th and 11th.

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